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U.K. Parliamentary Papers

Alternative Name:   United Kingdom Parliamentary Papers, British Parliamentary Papers, Parliamentary Papers
   House of Commons Parliamentary Papers, House of Lords
Type:   Government Documents
Description:   Includes over 200,000 House of Commons and House of Lords session papers from 1715 to the present, with supplementary material back to 1688. HTML has access to the following: 18th century (1688-1834) , 19th century (1801-1900), 20th century (1901-2003/04 session) and 21st century (2005 to present).
Publisher:   ProQuest Information and Learning Company
Alternative Publisher Name:   Chadwyck-Healey, a division of ProQuest
Full Text Note:   Full text
Category/Subcategory:   Social Sciences / History
   Social Sciences / Political Science
   Type / Historical Government Documents