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Manuel du Libraire, Brunet

Alternative Name:   Manual du Libaire
Description:   The Manuel du Libraire is the most comprehensive and celebrated of the universal bibliographies published between the sixteenth and nineteenth century. This Manual is a bibliography of the most outstanding works of his age, from the point of view of content as well as presentation, in all languages, on all subjects, and from all countries. This database includes: a Dictionnaire bibliographique (by name of author and anonymous titles), a Table méthodique (where the books are classified, described and quoted in the dictionary), selections from the Dictionnaire de géographie ancienne et modern (a valuable and indispensable list of Latin town names and the transformation of each name up to its modern form), and the Supplément au Dictionnaire bibliographique (which lists close to 10,000 complementary works).
Publisher:   Classiques-Garnier
Category/Subcategory:   Humanities / General
   Humanities / Languages
   Humanities / Literature