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World Heritage Sites: Africa (JSTOR)

Alternative Name:   JSTOR Africa World Heritage Sites
   Aluka African Cultural Heritage
Type:   Multimedia
Description:   World Heritage Sites: Africa is made up of 20 sub-collections and more than 57,000 objects including photographs, 3D models, GIS data, site plans, aerial and satellite photography, images of rock art, excavation reports, manuscripts, traveler's accounts, historical and antiquarian maps, books, articles, and other scholarly research. The collection serves researchers in African studies, anthropology, archaeology, architecture, art history, Diaspora studies, folklore and literature, geography, and history, as well as those focused on geomatics, advanced visual and spatial technologies, historic preservation, and urban planning.
Publisher:   Ithaka Harbors, Inc.
Creator:   Ithaka Harbors, Inc.
Copyright:   Ithaka Harbors, Inc.
Category/Subcategory:   Cultural Studies / General
   Social Sciences / Anthropology
   Type / Multimedia
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